Empowering Camera Systems with Unmatched Monitoring and Reporting

SLAmmer is our Milestone VMS plugin that monitors camera downtime, camera configuration discrepancies, and provides camera health statistics for service level agreement assurance and enforcement. 
Our powerful reporting system shows all the relevant data for the Service Level Agreement for your camera system as well as camera configuration “odd-one-out” data per camera model.
Make sure your contractors do their job by automated monitoring of the camera states. 

Camera ON/OFF Live States

Real-time camera state surveillance and comprehensive reporting capabilities, regardless of the camera states. Instant updates on online or offline status. Centralized view of your camera network, enhancing security efficiency.

Instant playback moments before disconnect

Instant playback allows users to quickly review footage of suspicious activity just before a disconnection occurs. Identifying the cause of disconnection or events that might have triggered the disconnection.

SLA Reporting

On-demand report generating for SLA management and tracking. It includes overview statistics such as average camera downtime, duration of downtime and detailed camera statistics per event. Downloadable reports in PDF or Excel format.

Camera Setup Reporting

SLAmmer can report on whether all cameras on site adhere to the correct settings required for the cameras. For the same camera model you can now verify which cameras do not share configuration settings and which do, and the integrator can then setup the cameras correctly.

Plugin for Milestone

This game-changing solution, seamlessly integrating with the platform to enhance CCTV management capabilities. With its user-friendly interface and intelligent analytics reporting, it empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions and improve security.

Easy Installer

Now comes with an easy installer that streamlines the entire experience, guiding you through from initial download to final setup. Our user-friendly installer ensures that you can effortlessly harness the power of our software.
Efficient and easy generation of reports in both PDF and Excel formats.
With its intuitive interface and advanced functionalities, users can effortlessly extract data and generate comprehensive reports.
By offering the choice between PDF and Excel formats, this system caters to different needs, allowing users to present information in visually appealing and interactive ways or to perform further analysis and calculations using the data.
Ultimately, this system not only saves time and effort but also enhances the accuracy and effectiveness of reporting, empowering organizations to make informed decisions based on reliable and well presented data.

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