Credit to our Team

Credit to the PJH Technologies team members responsible for the website, blog and portal.

Belinda Pieters

Belinda is responsible for the graphics on our website and graphics produced for our products.

Helena Wiehahn

Helena developed the PJH Technologies WordPress website. She is also the developer and designer of the PJH Technologies Licensing Portal with credits to Peter Peiser for cyber security and backend work.

Haniia Masood

Haniia assist in authoring blog content for our website as well as testing of the website and products.

Peter Peiser

Peter is responsible for the cyber security of the PJH Licensing Portal as well as work done on the SQL database along with Helena.

Project Credits

The following credits go to the team members responsible for each project, their roles and the tech stack used.

SLAmmer Icon


SLAmmer was developed by Peter Peiser, with design and graphics by Belinda Pieters and Paul Roux. Marketing campaign by Belinda Pieters.

Testing of the product was done by Haniia Masood.

Tech Stack: C#

Alarm Icon


Alarm was developed by Peter Peiser and the casing built by Belinda Pieters.

Tech Stack: C#

Hardware: Moxa RS232 Bridge

BIB Icon

Bad Internet Box

The Bad Internet Box was developed by Peter Peiser.

Tech Stack: Perl/Bash

Hardware: Raspberry Pi

Firefort Icon

Fire Fort

Fire Fort was developed by Peter Peiser.

Tech Stack: PHP, CSS , JavaScript

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