Nemtek Integration for Milestone XProtect


Modernize and automate your on-site security by integrating your Nemtek Electric Fencing Solution with Milestone XProtect.
This integration allows you to fully manage and monitor Nemtek products via Milestone XProtect. 
Ensure site security from a central security office or with remote access.

Plugin for Milestone XProtect VMS

This game-changing solution, seamlessly integrating with the platform to enhance CCTV management capabilities. With its user-friendly interface and intelligent analytics reporting, it empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions and improve security.

Monitor and Manage Nemtek Alarms and Alerts

Receive instant updates if a Nemtek alarm is triggered, or tampering is detected. See a breakdown and history of alerts in the XProtect Alarm Manager.

Comprehensive Summary of Nemtek System

See a list and map of all Nemtek energizers and zones. Get a clear and comprehensive view of your site state, at a glance, configured to your preferences.

Control Nemtek Energizers and Zones

Remotely control and manage Nemtek devices. Arm and disarm energizers or zones, clear flags or initiate a panic alarm.

XProtect Rule Engine Integration

Automate your Nemtek security solution with full XProtect Rule Engine support. Initiate pre-determined commands with a button-press. Set up timed-events or automatic event responses.

Map Cameras to Nemtek Zones

See Camera feeds associated with Nemtek Zones as soon as an alert is triggered. Associate up to 2 cameras to every zone.

Mobile Support

Manage user-events and Nemtek alarms using the Milestone XProtect Mobile App.

Easy Installer

Use an easy installer that streamlines the entire experience, making setup a breeze.

Support Available

Each purchase comes with one year of technical support. PJH and Nemtek will guide you to ensure operational efficiency and site security.
Nemtek FG7C Controller
Requirements and Setup
This integration is viable for any site that has one or more FG7 Nemtek Control Units, and a XProtect installation.
Simply connect your Nemtek FG7 Control Unit to the same network as the XProtect Management Server using an Ethernet cable, follow the configuration steps in XProtect, and it will work.
Set up your maps, zones, cameras and automated rules using the Milestone XProtect Management Client.

See The Plugin In Action

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